The novel Fearless by Elvira Woodruff demonstrates physical courage because a character does dangerous deeds to protect others and the character believes the danger is worth it. The story is about a boy named Digory. His Aunt Alice (who takes care of Digory, his 9-year-old brother Cubby, and their 11 cousins) is having a hard time supporting Digory and Cubby. So, after there was news of his father’s ship getting wrecked, Digory is sent with Cubby to find their father. However, if they do not find their dad they cannot come back to his city, Mousehole. Finding your dad by yourself and not really being able to return is already dangerous enough. What makes it even worse is that Digory is afraid of the sea because it killed his mom and uncle. However, he goes anyway even though he might have to go out to sea. On his journey, he meets an inventor named Henry Winstanley who wants to save sailors’ lives. Digory is asked to face his worst fear, the sea, and deliver candles to his lighthouse built on a piece of rock because this was in the 1700s and the lighthouse was running out right before a storm. This makes Digory a very courageous person. In addition, Henry Winstanley is also courageous. The Eddystone Reef is a bed of rock that is deadly and killed Digory’s mother and uncle, among many others. To combat this, Henry built a lighthouse called the Eddystone Light right on top of the reef, even though he knew that would be very hard to build. However, it is running out of candles right before a storm. The candles are how the lighthouse is lit. “‘You wish us to gamble our lives on luck?’ Connors [one of the lighthouse keepers] said, shaking his head. ‘I’ve worked as your keeper for many months now, but I’ll not die for the sake of a light. I say we leave her now.’” (Woodruff 179). This shows that most ordinary people would just wait until after the storm to deliver the candles, but Henry Winstanley is not like most people. He insisted Digory help him deliver the candles. Digory did get the candles to Henry, but right after he got back to shore, a terrible “Storm of the Century” struck, leaving Henry dead. In conclusion, Fearless is a great example of physical courage. Digory is doing two dangerous deeds: one, he is seeking his dad with Cubby but without family support, money, or education, and two, he and Henry Winstanley reload a lighthouse right before a storm, while fighting his worst enemy: the sea. Henry Winstanley thinks his deed is worth it, so the claim from the beginning is now true.


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